Squad Dems Own Supporters Turn On Her Over Israel

Those who used to support Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib are quickly abandoning her over her abhorrent comments about Israel.

Many Jewish people who live in the congressional district that Tlaib represents in Michigan – many of whom voted her into the House – are now saying that the words she speaks don’t represent who they are.

Over the last month, the prominent member of the progressive “Squad” in the House has been the subject of much criticism over her repeated refusal to condemn that brutal attack that the terrorist organization Hamas carried out on Israel in early October.

Instead of condemning those actions, Tlaib has basically done the exact opposite. She’s criticized Israel heavily, disseminated propaganda that boosts Hamas and has spoken about Hamas in a positive light during public rallies.

Just last week, Tlaib was censured by the GOP-led House for her words and her actions.

But, it’s not just her colleagues in the House who aren’t happy with what she’s doing. It’s her constituents in the 13th Congressional District in Michigan, too.

Recently, some of these Jewish constituents spoke to the New York Times. Pamela Lippitt, one of those residents, said about Tlaib:

“I was hopeful that she was going to represent the whole district. But, she just – she doesn’t represent me.”

Aaron Starr, a rabbi who leads a Jewish congregation in the district that Tlaib represents, added that she “has chosen not to reach out, and she has responded to my efforts to communicate with her with misleading form letters.” He added that the congresswoman is “siding with the terrorist organization Hamas.”

Fellow Democrat Jeremy Moss, a Michigan state senator, spoke to the Times as well, and said many of her constituents have vented to him about her at an event he attended recently. He commented:

“I had so many people coming up to me saying that they don’t feel seen, heard, represented.”

The flip side to this, though, are the Muslims who live in that district and who wholeheartedly support what Tlaib – the only Palestinian-American in Congress – has been saying. Most of these residents live in the city of Dearborn, which is home to the largest per capita population of Muslims in America.

The Times reported that these residents hail Tlaib “as a hero,” and believe she’s been victimized for standing up and defending Palestinians.

Despite this support, it’s very likely that Tlaib’s actions could result in her having to face a stiff challenger in her own Democratic primary for re-election next year.

Mark Mellman, who heads the Democratic Majority for Israel organization, says that he believes Tlaib will face a very competitive primary challenge based on her actions. So, too, could another Squad member, Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, for similar reasons.

As Mellman said:

“I think Congresswoman Tlaib is radically out of step with her colleagues in Congress, radically out of step with the Democratic Party, and radically out of step with Democrats in Michigan.
“We hope she will change her views, and if not, perhaps somebody might be interested in running against her.”