Soros-Funded Prosecutors Targeted By Patriotic Group

The Protecting Americans Action Fund (PAAF), operates as a proactive organization committed to contesting incumbent and aspiring leftist district attorneys. Following significant achievements in the 2022 and 2023 elections, PAAF has broadened its goals for the approaching 2024 election.

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares, serving as the honorary chairman of PAAF’s advisory board, recently addressed the group’s rapid successes in challenging lenient district attorneys and candidates funded by progressive entities, including left-wing billionaire George Soros.

During a media roundtable in Washington, D.C., Miyares proudly highlighted PAAF’s involvement in thirteen district attorney races during the 2022 midterm elections. Republican candidates supported by PAAF emerged victorious in nine contests, including a significant win in Maricopa County, Arizona. The momentum continued in 2023 with successful wins in Louden County, Virginia, and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Miyares acknowledged that PAAF often faces significant funding disadvantages compared to its progressive opponents. However, he emphasized the effectiveness of PAAF’s messaging in connecting with voters. Despite the substantial financial resources poured into certain races by left-wing groups, PAAF’s targeted and strategic approach allowed them to secure victories.

“In Allegheny County, the largest suburb outside of Pittsburgh, left-wing groups dedicated $2 million towards the race. In contrast, we received a five-figure investment, yet we emerged victorious,” Miyares shared, referring to the November election.

In Allegheny County, a lifelong Democrat running under the Republican nomination, District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr., successfully defended his position against Democrat challenger Matt Duggan. Similarly, in Louden County, Republican Bob Anderson defeated Democrat District Attorney Buta Biberaj by a narrow margin.

Miyares emphasized that PAAF’s success demonstrates the effectiveness of its message. Once voters become aware that a district attorney prioritizes criminals over victims or advocates for so-called “Social Justice Warriors,” they quickly recognize the need for change and the importance of electing trustworthy individuals.

When asked about the most impactful messaging in challenging radical left-wing incumbents, Miyares highlighted the power of personal testimonials. “The most important validation you have for someone’s failure is the voice of somebody who has lost a loved one,” he explained. Miyares emphasized the impact of featuring individuals who have experienced personal loss due to the failures of the incumbent district attorney.

Miyares also underscored the unique responsibility and accountability that district attorneys possess compared to other elected officials. As the individuals who approve plea deals and decide which crimes to prosecute, district attorneys cannot easily pass the buck or shift blame onto others.

Looking ahead to the 2024 election, PAAF aims to participate in 20-30 races, with the potential for even greater involvement. Despite the early planning stages, PAAF is determined to continue its mission of bringing about meaningful change in district attorney offices nationwide.