Soldier’s Body Found In River After Innocent Mistake

Trooper Charlie Saywell, a 25-year-old soldier, was discovered lifeless in the River Medway close to Chatham, Kent, following an evening spent socializing with friends. He hopped in a cab, intending to go home. However, he opted to take a bit of a detour and stroll into Chatham town center to pick up some fast food rather than go back to his base.

Police believe he earlier, perhaps in a stupor, attempted to get in a car where the driver allegedly assaulted him, and Saywell sustained substantial facial injuries.

Charlie made a phone call just before he passed away, implying that he may have been assaulted in town sometime between 12:10 am and 2:40 am. However, there is limited evidence about his location around that time, according to Detective Sergeant Karen Caulfield. Charlie’s family is requesting help with information about him if anyone happened to be in the Chatham or Gillingham areas at those times. Information from anyone who saw him at a fast food joint or involved in an altercation near a car would be greatly appreciated.

Gibraltar was Charlie’s regiment’s usual posting. A sincere request for any further details on her son’s whereabouts in the early hours of that morning has been made by Victoria Brown. She has pleaded with anyone who might have seen her son Charlie that morning to report it to the police in Kent. The soldier’s family has received a generous £1,800 through a GoFundMe campaign, which was seeking £1,000 to help with funeral costs,

No matter how small the detail, Brown is pleading with anyone who saw anything to report it to the Kent Police.

A friend said on Facebook that there are some suspicions surrounding the death, adding to the many expressions of sympathy that Saywell was a “gentle giant.”

The authorities are not currently viewing Charlie’s death as suspicious, but they must learn where he was last seen.

He wore khaki cargo pants, white sneakers, and a dark navy short-sleeved t-shirt.