Smear Of SCOTUS Justices Is Reportedly A “Hail Mary”

Progressives have been trying to overturn the rightward move the court took under the presidency of former President Donald Trump, and a new multi-front attempt to defame and undermine the conservative-leaning members of the U.S. Supreme Court is only the latest example, say political observers.

Reports show that Justice Clarence Thomas has been the primary target of the left’s ire, even though all the SCOTUS conservatives have come under fire. He has been on the court for almost 31 years, making him the longest-serving and most senior conservative member.

According to a report, Justice Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court has just addressed the current media witch hunt against him.

ProPublica began attacking Clarence Thomas for his vacations with a Republican contributor who is worth an estimated $1 billion.

Harlan Crow, a prominent Republican fundraiser, took Justice Thomas and his wife Ginni on extravagant trips.

The report reveals that the Democrat media complex went on the offensive against Clarence Thomas for vacationing with a buddy, and they want answers.

The federal judges instituted new regulations last month requiring disclosure of any private jet travel funded by a third party.

Clarence Thomas issued a press release on his Harlan Crow-funded private jet trips.

Justice Thomas said in his release that longtime acquaintances Harlan Crow and his wife Kathy are two of his closest friends.  They have been friends for over a quarter century.

Throughout their friendship spanning over two decades, he and his wife have accompanied them on family vacations. When Thomas first started working at the Court, he asked for advice from his fellow judges and was told that judges are not required to record receiving private hospitality from personal friends who have no business before the Court. 

Throughout his time at SCOTUS, he has worked hard to heed that advice and adhere to the transparency policies. The committee of the Judicial Conference that oversees financial disclosure just published new recommendations, signaling a shift in policy toward more transparency. This advice will guide his future actions, he said.