Shark Tank Host Boycotts ‘Loser State’ New York

Since entering the White House in January of 2021, Joe Biden, the 46th president of the United States, has appeared incompetent, feckless, and incoherent in many instances. Indeed, Biden has presided over a period of economic and social decline within the country. Since his term began two and a half years ago, over five million illegal migrants are estimated to have entered the nation through the porous southern border; the beauacracy of the government and the president himself appear unable or unwilling to address the crisis.

What’s worse; for many young families and those with median income levels, home ownership has been deemed nearly impossible in 99% of the nation in a new report. Demand for homes remains high, but prices have increased to such an extent along with interest rates that the dream of property ownership may be out of reach for many. Internationally, the nation of China (a strong and threatening rival to American dominance) has been acting increasingly aggressive in recent months. Over the summer, the country orchestrated a huge aerial military maneuver over the island of Taiwan. Despite worries that China may eventually engage in a world war with the United States, the economic relationship between the two powers makes this possibility extremely questionable. While the American economy and military and unquestionably on a decline and the U.S. continues to fall behind China in terms of innovation and technology, Beijing is not faring much better. As the Chinese economy falters, the government has halted aggressive actions and now claims it wishes to seek a stable relationship with America.

As international economies suffer as much as the American economy, people continue to speak with their wallets and move with their feet. The Shark Tank celebrity Kevin O’Leary announced that he is finished with New York State in terms of investing due to its high-tax business climate and is targeting West Virginia, Florida, or Texas for future projects.