Sen. John Kennedy Confronted With Truth About State’s Violence

Reports show that at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence, Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, a Republican, was confronted about the high gun mortality rate in his own state.

At least 619 major shootings and 33 mass murders occurred in the US in 2023, resulting in nearly 39,000 casualties caused by weapons.

Stronger gun rules would be a violation of the Second Amendment, according to opponents, while those in favor of stricter gun control say that limiting access to particular weapons will reduce shootings.

Concerned about the high crime rate that conservatives attribute to progressive prosecution tactics, Kennedy spoke with Dr. Megan Ranney about incidents involving guns in Chicago, Illinois.

Ranney stated that despite having a Democrat governor and Republican-controlled state legislature in Kennedy’s home state of Louisiana, the state had a worse gun fatality rate than Chicago.
Gun Owners of America senior vice president Erich Pratt told Newsmax that the rise in firearms is not to blame for crime in America today but rather communities ruled by Democrats.

While conversing with Rob Schmitt on the alleged correlation between the rise in gun fatalities and the increase in gun circulation, Pratt said that while there was an increase in gun ownership, the murder rate dropped by 40%. So, in a nutshell, we had fewer criminals and more firearms.

Pratt said that anti-gun Democrats’ tendency to re-release convicted felons into society is the fundamental issue.

In other words, the cities ruled by Democrats are the ones with the highest murder rates. The reason for this, as Pratt said, is that bail is being eliminated. Criminal sanctions are being reduced.

Pratt continued by saying they are choosing not to pursue murder in some instances. According to the head of the police force in D.C., the typical murder suspect had eleven previous arrests. The doors of the cells have been transformed into revolving doors.

According to 2A Defenders, U.S. citizens own 393 million guns.