Schwarzenegger Speaks Out About Near-Fatal Surgery

A report shares details about actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arduous rehabilitation and the moment doctors informed him they had adversely damaged his life. He is providing new insight into his catastrophic, near-fatal heart procedure in 2018.

According to Schwarzenegger, the physicians informed him that they had to do emergency open heart surgery because they accidentally poked through his heart wall during the non-invasive procedure they had planned.

Schwarzenegger, now 76, revealed that following his operation, the first thing he had to do was walk. The long road to health for Schwarzenegger would continue into 2018.

The report shows that the actor had yet another heart operation in 2020.

He credited the Cleveland Clinic for providing him with a new aortic valve to complement the pulmonary valve he received during his previous operation. He reported feeling great and was able to walk around Cleveland.

Last year in Los Angeles, California, Schwarzenegger was involved in an automobile accident in which his SUV rolled on top of another vehicle, sending the lady driving that vehicle to the hospital.

When Schwarzenegger’s Yukon SUV collided with a Prius, it began to roll. According to a report, the SUV landed atop the Prius and then moved to the left, colliding with a Porsche Cayenne.

The Prius’ female driver was severely hurt, and blood poured from her skull. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance when it arrived.

According to a media outlet citing law enforcement comments, former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was at fault for the collision since he turned left while the light for that turn was still red.

The ex-governor of California reportedly did not receive a ticket for the violations.

Police told the media that alcohol or drugs are not believed to have been involved in the four-car collision on Sunset Boulevard, and no one tried to flee the the accident site.