Ron DeSantis Reveals Why His Relationship With Trump Soured

On Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis offered his take on what caused former President Donald Trump to sour on him.

During Monday’s broadcast of Fox News’s “Hannity,” host Sean Hannity interviewed DeSantis while the Florida Republican was on a trade mission to Japan. The pair discussed a wide range of issues, including China, trade, and the 2024 presidential election.

Bringing up his recent interview with the former president, Hannity noted that during the 2018 gubernatorial election, he viewed DeSantis and Trump “as friends.” He said he had asked Trump “what happen” between him and DeSantis, adding that he is asking DeSantis the same question.

DeSantis said he “enjoyed” supporting Trump when he was in the White House and he “worked really hard” in Florida to reelect Trump in 2020. The popular Florida Republican said while he always had a good relationship with Trump, after the midterm elections, Trump “started taking shots at me.”

DeSantis observed that he didn’t do anything to prompt Trump’s attacks, “except do a good job.”

He added that it was fine if Trump wanted to take pot-shots at him, noting that if you’re “making things happen,” you are going to “take incoming” from various directions. Adding that such attacks are “the nature of the business,” DeSantis said he is “happy to stand strong and do what’s right.”

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Unsurprisingly, Hannity also broached the subject of the 2024 presidential election, asking DeSantis if he planned to throw his hat into the ring.

DeSantis noted that he has been saying since the midterms that his focus is on the current legislative session where Florida Republicans are “putting up a lot of wins on the board.” He added that he wouldn’t make any announcement about 2024 until the legislative session ends in early May.

Hannity pressed the issue, asking DeSantis which way he is leaning, prompting DeSantis to say, “Stay tuned.”