Residents Urged To Stay Indoors After Plastic Factory Goes Up In Flames

On Wednesday, firefighters in eastern Croatia were working to contain a large blaze at a plastics business. Initially, officials urged locals to stay inside and close their doors and windows. Later, they would recommend evacuation.

The fire broke out Wednesday morning at the Drava International factory complex in Osijek. Because of its rapid spread, thick, heavy smoke was released into the air, creating concern and panic for area residents.

Emergency services stated that many plastics stored in an open area caught fire, making it difficult for firefighters to extinguish the blaze.

The area firefighting unit’s second-in-command, Boris Banjan, commented on the ludicrous and oppressive heat. He said the machinery the firefighters use was melting.

Three firefighters were hurt, and one of them seriously, according to HRT, the official state broadcaster. According to the report, removing large amounts of combustible liquid from the fire site helped extinguish the blaze and prevented it from reigniting.

The fire also caused the closure of a nearby road, according to the police. Schools have reportedly called off classes for the day.

The television reports claim the tainted smoke spread because of the high winds. It was not immediately clear how much pollution was generated by burning plastics, which releases toxic vapors.

Residents were urged to stay indoors, close their windows, and venture outside only if necessary. Authorities in charge of providing civil safety in the area took control and gave directives.

The region’s residents near the facility are temporarily relocating to stay elsewhere until the fire is put out and the air is deemed safe. Which toxins are present in the air is presently unknown.
Among the many things manufactured at the Drava International plant is plastic packaging. According to accounts from Croatian media outlets, four fatal accidents have occurred at the business during the past 12 years.