Released Prisoner Is Housed Next To Children’s School

A report shows that after spending two decades in prison for sexually abusing children, a child molester was placed in housing only a few minutes away from an elementary school.

Parents at Stock Church of England Primary School in Essex are outraged because their child saw Alan Bright hanging around the school and in the library.

The former school custodian was convicted of 22 crimes in 2015, including indecent assault, gross indecency, and rape, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Bright, who served half of his term and was released with probation in July, was lodged less than five minutes away from the elementary school without the knowledge of the principal or the parents of the students.

Concerned parents have called Essex Police, only to be informed that the police have “recommended” Bright to stay away from the school.

As Judge Patricia Lynch put it, the 87-year-old Bright put his victims through hell and manipulated youngsters during his life while committing crimes between 1970 and 1990.

A parent who requested anonymity said it is absurd that a person who has perpetrated such horrific acts involving children would be placed so near to a school. Who concluded this place was appropriate for a convicted sex offender?

The parent was particularly concerned because the town library occupies the same property as the school, and no one has been assured that this predator would not use it.

A mother who saw him near the school for three consecutive days alerted the authorities in September.

Chelmsford City Council has angered parents, who have written to MP John Whittingdale. He has taken their complaint to the Prison & Probation Service.

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