Rand Paul Doesn’t Agree with McConnell Diagnosis

In the United States, things have become extremely polarized at the national political level over the last decade, and since the 46th president, Joe Biden, took office in January of 2021 the climate has continued to deteriorate. The president has held the office of over a period in which a number of significant problems have faced the average American. From record levels of inflation brought about by reckless and historic amounts of government spending, to the millions of illegal migrants that have crossed the southern border in just two and a half years, not all is well and secure in America. Voters have taken notice, and Biden has received poor marks in recent polls, with some 61% disapproving of the job performance of the president. He has often appeared weak and incoherent in many instances, presenting himself in a seemingly dazed state. Biden has often rambled endlessly while making speeches and has made many embarrassing gaffes during his term of service and even as he sought the presidency in the 2020 election cycle. Because of this, only 26% of individuals in a recent poll believe the president possesses the cognitive stamina to perform the duties of the office.

Biden is not the only public servant who is facing scrutiny for his health. In the Republican party, senate leader Mitch McConnell has had two puzzling health episodes in recent times. McConnell bizarrely froze in the middle of a speech given to reporters in the summer. Earlier in September, he froze again during a press conference in his home state of Kentucky and was not able to answer a question. When he returned to Washington D.C. on September 5th, he answered no questions and only smiled at press members.

McConnell’s fellow state federal senate representative, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky does not believe reports from the Capitol physician which claim he is in good health. Paul has practiced medicine for 25 years.