Rachel Maddow Unleashes On Her OWN Network Over Trump

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow criticized her own network during a tirade against Donald Trump. She said MSNBC should not broadcast the former President’s speeches, adding that it was “irresponsible” to do so. Maddow, a fierce Trump critic, said the network knows Trump is going to lie because he has done so before, and broadcasters should not knowingly perpetuate lies. The host conceded, however, that Trump’s remarks are subject to “fact-checking,” but still contended that wasn’t enough and didn’t undo the damage done by publicizing Mr. Trump’s comments.

Maddow is known for her outspoken condemnation of Donald Trump and recently even suggested that if he is re-elected to the White House in November, he will never leave. Speaking after the Supreme Court agreed to hear Trump’s argument that he has immunity from prosecution in his election interference case, Maddow warned that a dictator was on the rise in America.

She said the Supreme Court would be “insane” to side with Trump, and if it did so, it would open the door for Presidents to do whatever they want, even kill their political opponents, without fear of prosecution.

Ms. Maddow further argued that if the Supreme Court allows immunity for Presidents, then Donald Trump will not leave the White House because he’ll believe that when he does, he could go to prison.

In January, the MSNBC anchor issued a separate doom prediction saying Trump is selling “the end of politics” to his supporters. She said the GOP frontrunner is not successful in politics because of his policies or eloquence but because he is offering a strongman-style leadership that permits him to do whatever he wants, and this will make life much simpler. “That strongman model is what the Republican base is enthused about,” she claimed.

Donald Trump has repeatedly accused MSNBC of bias and said he plans to investigate its parent company for “threatening treason.” He said if he becomes President, “the Lamestream Media” will be thoroughly scrutinized.