Putin’s Top Official Flees The Country

Captain of the Russian Federal Guard Service, who worked closely with President Putin, has defected to the West, telling the world that Putin has gone “insane” and turned into a “war criminal.”

While on a trip with Putin to the Kazakh capital in October, Gleb Karakulov escaped and is now urging his former colleagues and Russian nationals to speak out and assist in stopping the “criminal war” against Ukraine.

According to The Dossier Center, which interviewed Karakulov extensively and claims to have verified his description of his time providing encrypted communications for Putin, the current Putin is not the same guy he met in 2009.

Now he has isolated himself from society by erecting several walls and imposing a quarantine and information blackout. His perception of the world has been warped. 

According to Karakulov, a rational individual in the twenty-first century would not have allowed this conflict to begin because they could see the big picture and forecast what would happen in the medium term.

He spent many years inside Vladimir Putin’s inner circle and claimed to have personally seen the extent to which the Russian people were lied to. He said having spent time in the FGS, he can attest to the ease with which facts may be twisted.

Regarding the war, the three-day blitzkrieg the Kremlin had planned instead developed into a succession of battlefield humiliations for the Russian military, and Karakulov seemed to indicate that Putin had some type of health crisis only a few months into his war against Ukraine.

Karakulov said that since Putin visits the Central Clinical Hospital annually for examinations, the communications team is usually informed in advance that they would need to install equipment for Putin.

He hadn’t heard anything about Putin being terminally sick, but he did think the older man probably does have some health concerns. Karakulov claims the Russian leader constantly frets about his health.

Karakulov had some stinging words for his former coworkers: “You must not accept illegal commands and serve this war criminal, Vladimir Putin.”

“You need to put an end to this insanity right now. Many people’s lives would be saved if you did that,” he remarked.

Karkulov concluded by saying Putin doesn’t care about anybody else’s life except his own and those closest to him.