Putin’s Special Forces Footage Goes Public

19fortyfive reports that a video surfaced online on Monday morning showing a Russian light towing vehicle (MT-LB) pursued by a Ukrainian drone. The vehicle can be seen attempting to seek shelter along a row of trees. The bomb dropped from the commercially available drone was enough to demolish the car.

The 30-second film was tweeted by the account @NOELreports, which monitors war zones daily.

There has been no confirmation that the video is authentic, but if it is, this would be the latest of hundreds of MT-LBs demolished in a month.

Though the MT-LBs are poorly equipped and poorly armored, Russian troops continue to utilize them near the front line without sufficient assistance. Ukrainian soldiers evidently recognized a chance to take out yet another deployed Russian vehicle.

The report shows that since the 1970s, Russia has had thousands of light-purpose towing trucks operating around the country. It’s interesting to note that the vehicles were originally manufactured in what is now Ukraine at the Kharkiv Tractor Plant. 

The maximum payload for an MT-LB is 2,000 kilograms, and it can pull a trailer or armament weighing up to 6,500 kilograms. Eleven troops can fit within the hull if necessary. The vehicle has two doors in the back for passengers to enter and exit.

According to a report, Ukrainian and Russian leaders continue to think they can accomplish their aims by military means, according to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ comments to the Spanish daily El Pas.

The United Nations secretary-general remarked in an interview that he, unfortunately, believes that negotiations for peace are not possible at this time. He stated that Russia is unwilling to leave the areas that it occupies and that Ukraine has a desire to regain them.

The ambassador noted that the UN is making every effort to encourage Ukraine and Russia to sit down and talk. The future of the grain deal is uncertain since Russia has refused to extend the agreement beyond May 18. He called it the most crucial effort so far.