Putin’s Latest Victory Lap May Have Come Too Early

A report maintains that experts agree the Russian assertion to have disabled the last of the fleet of Ukrainian battleships has nearly no effect on Ukraine’s naval capabilities.

It was reported by the Russian military ministry that the ship Yuri Olefirenko had been destroyed by a precision strike. Russia said in an operational update that the vessel was removed from service at the end of May at the Ukrainian port of Odesa.

While the Ukrainian government hasn’t discussed the claim, and the navy has remained silent. 

According to the Polish-based military news site Naval News, the Yuri Olefirenko was constructed in 1970 for the purpose of transferring soldiers and vehicles. In the post-Soviet era, it was given to the Ukrainian Navy.

However, Frederik Mertens of the Hague Center for Strategic Studies (HCSS) claims it is not a huge amphibious ship.

Mertens stated that the loss of Yuri Olefirenko had minimal effect on Ukraine’s Navy’s offensive capabilities and no impact on the defensive capabilities of Ukraine’s coast.

Mertens suggested the Ukrainians’ amphibious capability is a small rapid attack craft, he claimed. The Yuri Olefirenko could only transport four tanks, but comparable but bigger warships deployed in the 20th century could carry four times as many.

Pyotr Poroshenko, a former president of Ukraine, has indicated that there are several ways the conflict with Russia may be resolved.

Former President Poroshenko, who was elected in the aftermath of the Western-backed revolution in Kyiv in 2014 but was soundly defeated at the polls by present President Vladimir Zelensky five years later, sees three possible outcomes to the conflict.

Victory, The Afghan solution, and the Israeli solution.  

In an interview with an Italian media outlet, the former leader explained that Russian forces are removed from Ukrainian territory in the ‘winning’ scenario. Poroshenko anticipated that this would lead to the demise of Russian President Vladimir Putin.