Putin Unleashes Explosive Missiles

Twenty-three cruise missiles were launched toward Ukraine on Friday.

The 23 missiles were launched at Kyiv and other urban areas in Ukraine by Russian forces, killing, ironically, 23 people. Two drone strikes were part of the early Friday morning attacks.

Ukrainian air defenses successfully intercepted 21 of the 23 cruise missiles fired at them, according to Ukrainian commander-in-chief Valery Zaluzhny. Two got through. All the rockets fired missed the combat lines and landed in densely populated metropolitan areas.

19FortyFive reports that the hits caused the collapse of a single apartment building in the heart of Uman, resulting in nearly all of the fatalities. The structure was only partially intact in the footage taken at the site, with one side entirely caving in.

Shared footage from the Uman strike shows locals going through the ruins as a fire rages, and smoke and dust pour out of the building. 

The two cruise missiles hit Uman and Dnipro.

While the Ukrainian military claimed the cruise missiles were aimed at reserve units, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed otherwise. 

Igor Konashenkov, a lieutenant general, said that the attack “achieved its goal” by successfully striking all “designated facilities.”

However, Konashenkov did not elaborate on the attacked buildings or explain why homes were destroyed. 

Kyiv, the capital, was attacked for the first time in around two months, though fortunately, no injuries were reported.

Ukrainian military intercepted and destroyed eleven incoming missiles and two drones. 

A young Ukrainian woman, blood all over her hands and face, films herself and her apartment in one of the most horrifying videos ever since the event. 

The extent of the destruction becomes more evident as the woman makes her way around the apartment, and she eventually offers a glimpse through the window at the blaze outside. 

Hours after the strike, outside video footage indicates that the apartment complex is still engulfed in flames.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued a statement condemning Russia’s actions, saying that the city is “absolutely peaceful” and is well-known for “hosting tens of thousands of Hasidic pilgrims every year.”

Only pure wickedness, Zelenskyy argued, could send such terror to Ukraine.