Potential Plastic Contamination Discovered In Beef

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) of the United States Department of Agriculture has issued a warning that raw beef sold at ALDI supermarkets may contain plastic.

The FSIS has issued a health warning, stating that soft, transparent plastic may be present in the raw beef.

Since ALDI no longer sells the food, a recall never took place. But the FSIS issued the notice to warn the public about the possibly tainted product.

Two German affordable grocery companies, both family-owned multinationals, share the brand name ALDI and operate over 10,000 locations in 20 countries. The United States is home to 2,304 ALDI supermarkets.

The packaging of the beef in question was packaged on 07/25/23 with the 1.5-pound plastic trays labeled “Beef for Carne Picada.” It has a use-by date of 8/22/2023. In addition, there is a barcode with the Est—85 M on the reverse.

FSIS claims that the affected meat was sold at several ALDI supermarkets in the United States.

After receiving a complaint from a merchant about soft, transparent plastic being included in the product, the company reported the matter to FSIS.

There have been no documented instances of disease or damage from eating the beef, according to FSIS. However, anybody who is worried about becoming sick or suffering harm from eating the meat should talk to their doctor.

While the FSIS is relieved that the item is no longer available for sale, they are concerned that people may have already bought and frozen the meat. FSIS advised customers to discard the product or return the beef to the retailer where it was purchased.

If you have any concerns regarding the public health warning, you are urged to call Cargill at 844-419-1574. The Electronic Consumer Complaint Monitoring System is available online at any time for customers to report problems with eggs, meat, or poultry products.