Potential Biden Challenger Enters The Ring

Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips last week announced he was challenging President Biden for the Democrat nomination, kicking off his 2024 primary campaign last Friday morning in New Hampshire, CBS News reported.

In an exclusive interview on “CBS Mornings,” Phillips explained that the 2024 election is “not about the past” but the future.

He told “CBS Mornings” correspondent Robert Costa that while he admires the president, he believes a new generation of Democrats must lead the party, particularly with Donald Trump as a possible GOP nominee. He explained that with some of the polls showing Biden losing to Trump, he could not sit quietly as the country faces “an emergency next November.”

Last Friday, Phillips filed to appear on the New Hampshire primary ballot and then formally announced his campaign at the Statehouse Plaza in Concord.

In announcing his challenge to Biden, Phillips said his run was not “in opposition” to the president whom he said has his “affection” and “gratitude.” Instead, he said his primary challenge is out of a belief that he is the Democrat who could win the White House in 2024, according to ABC News.

Phillips said in his campaign announcement that he was addressing the “exhausted majority” who are ready for a change.

The Minnesota Democrat presented four issues he said his campaign would prioritize: safety, the economy, generational change, and addressing the “divisive political environment.” Phillips said the country is facing a crisis of cooperation, common sense, community, and “individual initiative.”

The 54-year-old three-term congressman has been urging Democrats for months to put forward a primary challenge to the 80-year-old Joe Biden, citing concerns over the president’s dismal approval numbers and his advancing age.

However, Phillips’ move is facing harsh criticism from Democrats.

Minnesota Democrat Governor Tim Waltz said while he respects Phillips “greatly,” he disagrees with his decision to challenge the president, explaining that Joe Biden is the 2024 Democrat nominee.