Peterson Reveals True Cause of Hamas Attack

Jordan Peterson has written books about bringing order out of chaos, so he gave his analysis of recent events in Israel.

Peterson sat on a panel and told Bill Maher that he believed we could place a good portion of what occurred in Israel on Biden’s plate. Maher appeared perplexed.

Peterson explained that Saudi Arabia was glad about signing the Abraham Accords just two years ago, adding that he has a strong suspicion that the lack of aggressive pursuit of the accords was due to the fact that doing so would have given Trump credit for an accomplishment made during his presidency.

Peterson said the Iranians are using Hamas to encourage Jews to separate the Arabs. He attributed most of the problem to Democrats. He noted Biden alienated the Saudis by pushing them toward China when he talked to them. We had an opportunity for peace, and he blew it.

In a presser, Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, criticized President Biden’s Middle East policies, which created disputes with friends and failed to capitalize on the Trump administration’s great accomplishment in normalizing relations between Israel and North African Sunni Muslim nations.

Veteran Mideast specialists say Saudi Arabia reestablished diplomatic connections with Tehran after Biden snubbed them.

An investigative report shows that the US convinced NATO members that fighting Russia via Ukraine was an acceptable way to defeat Russia. However, the US and NATO caused the deaths of many Ukrainian troops.

The West used propaganda to convince Ukraine’s Zelensky to reject the peace deal by claiming that Ukrainian troops defeated Russian soldiers and forced them to flee.

The reality was, as a sign of Russia’s commitment to the March 29th Istanbul Agreement, Putin ordered the evacuation of the Russian military by April 1, 2022.

At the Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin’s April 26, 2022, meeting with NATO and allied defense ministers in Germany, he called Ukraine’s military success a strategic priority.

A report shows that then-UK PM Johnson “directed” Zelensky not to offer concessions to Putin on April 28, 2022.