Passengers Vote To Kick Another Passenger Off Plane

Passengers on a plane ride from Trenton, New Jersey, to Atlanta, Georgia, last week seemed to take things into their own hands in a video that has since gone viral on social media.

TikTok videos captured two ladies yelling at one other. A crew member then appears and leads one of the ladies and the guy seated next to her off the plane.

There is video evidence of a purported hand count of passengers who wanted the second lady kicked off the plane. 

A red-shirted passenger with spectacles told the passengers to raise their hands if they want the second woman removed from the flight. 

Many people could be seen nodding their heads and/or raising their hands.

He emphasized that he was serious. The video shows there were forty raised hands.

After the vote, one of the men can be heard saying to an unidentified person that the lady was asked to leave the aircraft due of her unpleasant behavior. There was a later sighting of the lady packing up her belongings and being led away.

According to reports, the incident caused a one-hour delay in takeoff. 

A follow-up post from the TikTok user who first shared the footage said that the pair had been fighting with an airline steward about a seat before to the incident.

This was only the most recent example of unruly passengers causing delays or cancellations.

A passenger informed Israeli news source YNet that a United Airlines aircraft heading for Tel Aviv had to make an emergency landing in Newark, New Jersey three hours into a 10-hour journey due to a disagreement between an unnamed guy and the flight crew.

A witness indicated the passenger sat in a crew-only section because he needed to use the restroom and there was none nearby. The flight attendant shouted at the customer, and the passenger shouted back. 

According to an eyewitness, the pilot had to turn the plane around because the passenger would not sit at his assigned seat.