Parents Pull Kid Out Of Highschool For Banning His US Flags

Christopher Hartless, a student from Staunton River High School in Bedford County, Virginia, faced repercussions after he did not adhere to the school’s policy regarding displaying large flags on vehicles. The policy, which is longstanding across all three high schools in the district, restricts the display of large flags or banners on student vehicles due to potential distractions they might cause.

Christopher Hartless had large American flags on his truck, and after refusing to remove them, his parking permit was revoked. He expressed his stance by citing the First Amendment and was backed by his stepmother, Christina Kingery. They chose to homeschool him unless the school allowed the flag display.

Hartless defended his actions, referencing his family’s service to the country and stating his desire to honor the flag they fought for. He further questioned the school’s policy, contrasting it with the school’s display of an American flag on its flagpole visible to all students.

Even after the school sent out a reminder of the policy, Hartless did not remove the flags. This flag violation led to the revocation of his parking permit and the family’s decision to homeschool him.

Kingery emphasized that they would support Hartless’s beliefs and decisions. She added that they might reconsider enrolling him back in Staunton River High School if the school altered its stance on flag displays.

The Bedford County school system clarified to ABC 13 that the policy concerns student safety, particularly the potential for large flags to distract other drivers. They added that smaller flag displays, like stickers or small flags, are permissible.

The school administration reminded that students and parents must sign a contract agreeing to the parking rules and potential consequences for violations. Furthermore, the school highlighted that American flag-themed attire is allowed.

Views on the young man’s actions are varied. While some believe he should adhere to the school’s guidelines, others feel differently.

One social media user expressed disappointment, saying, “It’s disheartening to see a young individual face consequences for his patriotic sentiments. Many have risked their lives for the flag, and witnessing the younger generation honor it warms my heart.”

When a young person displays such enthusiasm for their country, proudly showcasing the American flag on their vehicle, it’s an act that should be applauded, not penalized.