NYC Mayor Calls Parents To Help With Migrant Crisis

Due to the continuous migrant issue, New York City has reduced the number of newly trained safety agents, prompting Mayor Eric Adams to warn New York City parents that they may need to volunteer at their children’s schools.

During a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Adams said to ensure we continue to build an environment for our students, we have to change around staff as much as possible. Adams said they were going to be leaning on parents and parent groups to do some volunteer work. “A call for “all hands on deck” was issued by the mayor.

Mayor Adams promised media members that he would never “allow” public schools to become unsafe.

As the city devotes more resources to addressing the flow of migrant asylum seekers from the southern border, authorities on Staten Island have criticized his administration for abruptly ending a school safety program of 250 recruits.

Representative Nicole Malliotakis said during a press conference on Monday that there’s nothing more essential than the safety of our children, and this is part of a terrible pattern that the mayor has been creating for our city.

Overall, the New York Police Department is shrinking. Fewer police officers are seen these days. The ability of law enforcement to apprehend criminals and place them in prison has diminished. Safety agents have decreased by 25% since before the COVID-19 epidemic.

Since the city is devoting more resources to dealing with the inflow of migrant seekers, New York City Adams stated in September that all departments have until this month to reduce 5% from their budgets. The mayor has also threatened additional January budget cutbacks of 5%.

Adams has previously warned that the migrant problem in New York could cause a “financial tsunami” that will affect every government function, from “child service to our elders to housing.”