Nuclear Scientist Found Dead, Hanging

Many Russian oligarchs and celebrities have met mysterious ends in recent years.

Hanged in his apartment was a 92-year-old Russian scientist who developed the first Soviet two-stage thermonuclear bomb.

Russian authorities have stated that they are looking into the death of atomic scientist Grigory Klinishov, who was discovered dead in his central Moscow residence.

According to reports, Klinishov killed himself on June 17. According to authorities, a suicide note was discovered close to his body.

The Lenin Prize was awarded to Klinishov, a top-secret bomb designer, in 1962. The Soviet RDS-37, a thermonuclear weapon first detonated in 1955, was primarily due to his efforts.

His 67-year-old daughter located Klinishov, whose portrait had been withheld by Soviet officials.

The scientist contributed to developing the RDS-37, the first Soviet two-stage thermonuclear bomb, which was dropped from a Tu-16 aircraft on 22 November 1955 at the Semipalatinsk training site. 

The weapon’s creator, born in 1930, created many thermonuclear explosive charges. 

According to the Russian Investigative Committee, a note was discovered next to the scientist. Possible contributors to the scientist’s suicide include his terminal condition and the death of his wife.

However, Klinishov’s suicide is just the latest in a series of recent unexplained passings of prominent Russians.

Andrey Botikov, one of the 18 scientists who developed the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine in 2020, was discovered dead in his Moscow apartment, having been strangled to death with a belt. The incident has prompted an inquiry into possible murder by Russia’s investigative committee.

The deaths of many high-ranking officials at Russia’s oil behemoth Gazprom have drawn the most attention.

Transparency International Russia and the investigative news source Novaya Gazeta Europe have claimed that the deaths of several prominent Russian businessmen had links to a massive money-laundering scam.