Nine-Year-Old Child Critical After Getting Caught in Gang Crossfire

During a half-term trip visiting relatives, a nine-year-old girl was allegedly shot in the head by a motorcycle hitman in Hackney, leaving her battling for her life. The incident reportedly occurred during a rivalry between Turkish and Kurdish gangs.

A close family friend has reported that the youngster, who was allegedly involved in the gangland shooting last Wednesday while eating supper with her family in east London, is ‘better.’ 

The family reportedly settled in Birmingham after the girl’s parents, who are both employed in information technology, relocated to the UK about two years ago.

A church ceremony was held in her honor yesterday in the Kerala area of India. However, her grandmother, with whom she has a close bond, is being kept in the dark about the seriousness of her illness.

The family, who were in town for the half-term break to see relatives, apparently didn’t intend to dine at Evin, a restaurant on Kingsland High Street in Dalston, until the little one started to feel hungry.

Gunfire erupted at the Turkish eatery just after 9 p.m., hitting the girl. The assailant, on a Ducati Monster motorcycle, rushed up to his targets—three guys seated outside—and opened fire.

The three Turkish men—aged 37, 42, and 44—were wounded, and the girl was caught in the barrage of bullets; rumor has it that one of them penetrated her skull.

Local Turkish locals claimed that the majority of individuals in the region are too afraid to speak out due to the presence of gangs.

Some pointed to a feud between two Kurdish gangs—the “Bombers” from Hackney and the “Tottenham Turks” from nearby Tottenham—as the cause of the shooting.

The little girl’s use of a ventilator began on Wednesday. According to the family acquaintance, doctors have tried one procedure but have been unsuccessful in removing the bullet.

However, he did mention that physicians started lessening her sedation on Friday to gauge her reaction, and yesterday, to the joy of her family, she clasped her father’s hand.