Nikki Haley Warns Of ‘Chaos’ If Trump Elected Again

Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley has warned that a second Donald Trump term in the White House will bring “chaos” to America. In an interview with ABC in December, Haley did not hold back her criticisms of the former President and said another Trump term is not what the American people want. “The world is on fire, and chaos follows him. We can’t have a country in chaos for four more years or we won’t survive it,” she warned.

The rising GOP star said there are many areas on which she and Mr. Trump agree, but she does not agree with his assessment of his handling of the economy. Trump regularly states that the American economy was booming under his leadership, but Haley noted that the nation has a debt of $8 trillion that “our kids are never going to forgive us for.”

The battle between Trump and Haley later heated up when the former President’s campaign released an ad attacking Ms. Haley over tax increases in South Carolina while she was Governor. Haley replied, saying Trump was focused on her because he suddenly saw her as a threat. “Donald Trump is now attacking me. That’s the sound of us surging,” she told her supporters in Iowa.

Haley enjoyed a recent boost when she received the backing of New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu. The endorsement appeared to prompt a polling rise in the Granite State as a YouGov survey there saw her advance to 29%, compared with Trump’s 44%. In November, she won the support of 18% of New Hampshire residents, indicating that her support is rising rapidly. Some voters say they find Haley likable, reasonable, and a better role model than Trump.

Another reason behind Haley’s rise is likely her polling numbers when pitted against President Biden. A RealClearPolitics poll in December saw Haley beat the President by 4%, but with Trump ahead by only 2%. A Wall Street Journal poll suggested she would beat Biden by 17%.