Nicki Minaj Arrested in Amsterdam, Major Concert Cancelled

Nicki Minaj fans in the United Kingdom were left with a bitter taste in their mouth as they quickly realized the “Everybody” singer would not make it to the stage on time due to an apparent arrest before the show. Nicki Minaj was set to perform at Co-op Live on May 25th, in Manchester, England in front of 23,500 people.

Co-op Live is the UK’s largest indoor arena and is the latest stop on Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 World Tour. Social media footage showed fans inside and outside of the arena patiently waiting for the superstar singer to arrive on stage. Although it is not common for artists to be in touch with their fans before shows, there were no updates about Minaj’s whereabouts which seemed to cause speculation amongst fans.  

Finally, an update was given to fans that left them feeling bitter about the event entirely. It was soon reported that Minaj, who had just been in Amsterdam while on tour, was arrested at the Schipol Airport in the Netherlands on suspicion of possessing “soft drugs”. Later reports revealed that the 41-year-old singer was fined and released from custody just a few hours later. Ultimately, Minaj’s altercation with the law halted her from arriving at the show on time. 

When fans finally learned that Minaj would not be performing at the arena, cell phone video footage showed fans booing and shouting out of frustration and disbelief. Further confirmation of the news came through Co-op Live’s social media page where event planners assured that Minaj attempted her best to make the show and that the event was deeply sorry for the inconvenience to eager fans. 

Minaj’s absence is not the most recent turmoil the venue has suffered. The Co-op Live arena had already opened late this season after multiple setbacks, which have left many fans outside of Minaj’s fanbase extremely unhappy. Some fans now even label the venue as “cursed”.