New Poll Finds Trump Approval Ratings Rise After Conviction

NEW YORK, USA - Sep 21, 2017: Meeting of the President of the United States Donald Trump with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in New York

People now approve of Trump even more after his guilty verdict in New York, per a new poll. This proves that most Americans comprehend what the political trial was about and don’t like how the Democrats were acting in a fascist way.

Many believe the backfire will get worse.

Reports show the Democrats had best rethink their strategy if they believed that ex-President Trump’s millions of followers would desert him if he were convicted. His approval rating actually increased by six points after his conviction on 34 charges of the alleged fabrication of company records.

According to a study by J.L. Partners and the Daily Mail, just 16% of respondents have an unfavorable impression of Trump, while 22% hold a more positive one.

The poll was conducted hours after 12 jurors’ historic and politically driven decision to convict Trump. Among independents, who have the power to determine the November election’s result, the survey indicated a net favorable effect of four points for Trump.

Trump referenced the poll and stated that it was completed last night immediately after the decision when he was up by six points.

According to poll manager James Johnson, Trump’s approval rating was unaffected by the guilty judgment. The previous president’s popularity skyrocketed as a result.

He said that the results of a recent survey of a statistically valid cross-section of American voters demonstrated that the trial had not influenced the opinions of the vast majority of Americans. However, there is a six-point improvement in mood among those who are willing to reconsider their position. Because it’s outside the poll’s margin of error, it’s significant. 

Trump’s campaign contributions also spiked. In a few hours, the 2024 contender managed to gather approximately $35 million despite brief online delays caused by heavy traffic. 

Trump’s poll numbers also improved last year when he first faced the four charges.