New Jersey’s Top Prosecutor Testifies in Bob Menendez Bribery Trial 

In the United States, the political climate is turbulent, volatile, and unpredictable. With now less than five calendar months until the 2024 presidential election is set to occur, it appears all the more likely that the upcoming battle for the White House will be between the incumbent 46th President Joe Biden and the former 45th president the businessman, real estate mogul and reality television celebrity Donald Trump. Trump currently enjoys a slight lead over Biden in most recent national polls- The Hill recently reported in an article that he leads him by 2 points. Other articles have alleged that he has lost his lead since becoming the first ever president in American history to be charged with a felony. Ultimately, the election is a toss-up, and it is extremely challenging to predict how it will turn out as 4 and a half months is a massive amount of time in terms of political terms.

The upcoming contest is likely to be decided by a handful of crucial swing states like Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Rhode Island, Michigan and Wisconsin. It is unlikely that these states will be locations for landslide or decisive victories for either candidate. Ultimately, both Trump and Biden are unpopular on a broad level. A recent article by Newsmax showed that the incumbent President enjoys a very paltry, 37% approval rating, a historic low. In the same article, Donald Trump, the former president, enjoys a 41% favorability rating. These statistics demonstrate just how unpopular these two men are. 

Both men have been sources of division nationally. Sadly, as America has become polarized politically, states have begun to become defined as “blue” or “red”, “liberal” or “conservative” regions. Painting with such a broad brush is unfair, as every state is unique, and voters are diverse everywhere. New Jersey, a “blue” state has experienced political turmoil after Senator Robert Menendez has faced legal allegations. A top prosecutor testified in court.