New Chicago Mayor Accused of Wanting A Race War

After only one dismal term in office, the city of Chicago decided to oust Lori Lightfoot from her position. Under her progressive administration, which was a failure, the serious crime rate increased by more than 33 percent, and gang violence became an even worse problem in the city. 

During Lightfoot’s tenure, social media was inundated with clip after clip of organized thug gangs swarming and plundering retail businesses across the city, seemingly with blissful disregard for any serious consequences.

Amidst all that was happening, law-abiding citizens would ask themselves, “Where is Lightfoot?”

Taking in all that one knows about the ineptitude of the former Chicago mayor, her successor seems to be just as unfit, if not worse, than Loghtfoot’s worst days.

Chicago had elections for a new mayor on Tuesday, and its residents voted for a radical leftist whose whole campaign concentrated on anti-whiteness and race-baiting rather than abandoning the failing and divisive progressive policies that have damaged the city. Chicagoans took a risk by voting for this politician.

His name is Brandon Johnson, and he served as the Chicago County commissioner for several years. Compared to him, Lori Lightfoot and Rahm Emanuel appear like staunch “America First” supporters.

This new mayor of Chicago is so dangerous that it seems he is attempting to create a race war on the city streets.

Johnson, who is currently serving as a commissioner for the county of Cook, is said to have quipped in the past that he did not follow in his father or sister’s footsteps and become a preacher because they were not unionized. 

Post-election, he has stated that “this” is about the value of black labor vs. the riches of white people. 

“This” refers to his worldview and his desire to marshal it.

“That’s what this fight is about,” according to Johnson. It’s about providing for things that people descended from enslaved people are fighting: public education, public transit, affordable housing, healthcare, and access to employment.

Whites need not apply.