New Biden Bribery Memo Is Cause For Concern

An FBI informant’s document from three years ago claiming Joe Biden’s involvement in an international bribery plot has become the focal point of competing narratives that epitomize the divisions between parties in Washington.

A Report shows that on Monday, Republican and House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer stated that the FBI is actively investigating President Biden in connection with the charges made in the memo regarding a plot he allegedly participated in while serving as vice president. The Democrat Party said that it had no substance. 

The FD-1023 paperwork was made available to Comer and Representative Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) to peruse but not take. Claims are made in the paper that Biden promised to influence U.S. policy and get $5 million for his family’s company as part of a bribery plan.

FBI personnel verified to Comer the contents of the unclassified FBI document had not been disproved and are being utilized in an active inquiry. It seems from the text that bribery was practiced, with funds routed via several banks and fictitious accounts.

Comer praised the reliability of the source who allegedly exposed the plot. 

The report shows FBI Director Christopher Wray has been accused of contempt by Representative Christopher Comer for refusing to provide the legislature with a copy of the paper.

James Comer (R-KY), chair of the House Oversight Committee, has issued a contempt motion for FBI Director Christopher Wray. Since the FBI ignored a subpoena demanding it provides the FD-1023 form related to the alleged bribery of then-Vice President Joe Biden by an international person, a motion to hold Wray in contempt was passed. 

A report of 16 pages provides the justification for the resolution.

According to Chairman James Comer, Americans have lost faith in the agency’s impartiality in enforcing the law and are demanding answers, openness, and responsibility. For the sake of the American people, the Oversight Committee has to adhere to the facts and force the federal government to answer for its actions.