New Biden Admin Official Slammed for Controversial Tweet on Police

As the summer season of 2024 continues to progress with each passing day, less than five calendar months separate the citizens of the United States with the upcoming 2024 General presidential election contest. Indeed, the political climate within the country is one of great polarization tension and division. It appears currently that the former 45th president of the United States Donald J Trump will square off against the incumbent 46th President Joe Biden. Trump and Biden are deadlocked in many polls, and many analysts project a dead heat currently exists between both candidates. Trump and Biden are both equally unpopular figures. And a recent report by the conservative outlet Newsmax, Biden has been reported to carry a 37% approval rating, a historic low for an incumbent president at this period of his tenure. Additionally, Trump is only looked upon favorably by some 41% of the population in the same study, showing how he is also greatly disliked. 

The election is likely to be decided by several crucial swing States like Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin. It is truly difficult to predict how the election will turn out. Trump recently became the first president in history to be convicted as a felon, and his political allies and his fundraising packs have spent thousands of dollars on legal litigation. Trump also is widely disliked by many moderate and independent voters, making him a difficult candidate to promote nationally.  

A White House communications official named Tyler Cherry, working for the Biden administration, has recently come under Fire for a controversial tweet in which he compared police officers to slave patrols. Cherry was promoted to associate communications director, and politico published an article revealing Cherry had made previous comments calling for the abolition of ice and immigration and customs departments, and had supported anti-israel groups. Cherry has since apologized for his tweet, but it is now clear where his true priorities lie.