Muslim Activists Organize ‘Abandon Biden’ Movement in Swing States

A national Muslim activist group based out of Minnesota has led their movement in nine different swing states in hopes of swaying more voters away from President Joe Biden. The Muslim activists are calling their group and movement, “Abandon Biden” as a way of preventing Biden from having a victorial chance in the upcoming 2024 election. The activist group has started their movement in retaliation towards the current president for how he has handled the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. 

The group’s main priority is punishing Biden by keeping him out of the White House in the future, even if that means electing former President Donald Trump for a second term. The Minneapolis, MN newspaper Star Tribune reported on a member of the group, and their plan to interfere with the election by convincing swing states to vote for the opposing party in the election. The Minnesota paper reported on a member named Salam, who is a human rights professor in Minnesota. The tribune states that Salam ditched his profession in April to help push the movement forward. Salam stated to the press that he and other group members are looking at third-party candidates, and are planning to have an official endorsement by the party this summer. 

The ongoing Isreal-Hamas conflict has drawn attention from many U.S. citizens such as Arab Americans and young progressive voters, which can be a great threat to Biden’s reelection bid. More than 500,000 Democratic voters protested Biden’s approach to the conflict, which resulted in a demand for a ceasefire.

The group Abandon Biden has founded their website to spread awareness of their mission further. On the website, the group states that they plan to visit states such as Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina, and Minnesota. National Abandon Biden board member Jaylani Hussein, stated that states like Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan are states where Muslim voters can make an impact.