Musk’s Claims Of X Revenue About To Be Publicly Tested

The most significant heavyweight star on YouTube, MrBeast, finally gave in to Elon Musk’s desire when he agreed to upload his work to X. But after the influencer promised to reveal the exact amount of money the platform would pay out for the video, the world’s wealthiest man may have gotten a little more than he expected.

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, had previously stated earlier this month that he would not be switching from YouTube to X since the latter site wouldn’t fund a fraction of his production expenses.

Donaldson hinted on January 2 that he might convert if revenue was worth it, and the internet celebrity is testing out the new platform only 20 days later. To avoid any unnecessary risks, Donaldson is re-uploading a video that he first uploaded to YouTube four months ago as his content debut on X. Since its release on September 16th, the footage comparing a $1 automobile to a $100,000 car, created by MrBeast, has garnered almost six million “likes.”

The likelihood that prominent content creators like MrBeast will remain is something Musk will soon learn, as the video star promised to send images of the post’s income on January 22. The majority(36%) thought it would bring in $10,000, 27% thought $100,000, and 16.6% thought $1 million.

Given the complexity of X’s payment arrangement, it is not unexpected that Donaldson’s followers are confused about revenue. X claims on its creator dashboard that users may earn up to 97% of the content’s earnings. Nevertheless, this is deducted from the total lifetime profits across all X products after deducting in-app purchase prices up to a $50,000 threshold. When the amount reaches $50,000, you can receive up to 90%.

The original video on YouTube has 215 million views, while Donaldson’s version has surpassed 155 million. One of the most popular video artists in the world is about to put Musk’s plan to transform X (formerly Twitter) into a “video-first” platform to the public test.