Musk Sounds Alarm On Chinese EV Market

Since Joe Biden entered the oval office in January of 2021,  ever increasing problems have faced the nation. Inflation continues to harm the American consumer and average families everywhere in extremely detrimental ways as levels reach heights not witnessed in decades. At the global level, rival nations, adversaries of America and the western world have taken the offensive, acting aggressively. Trade continues to sizably increase with China, a clear indicator of a new power alignment on the global stage.

The competency of the president once again called into question. Reportedly, Iranian spies have infiltrated the American government, only proving further how broken and dysfunctional the status quo in Washington D.C. remains. In an article written by the Washington Free Beacon, Iranian government backed operatives have infiltrated the Biden administration, and now possess classified and valuable information regarding the functions and security of the federal government. Congressional Republicans penned a letter on Wednesday,  September 27th to Biden. Allegedly, the information obtained about the government has been utilized by the Iranian state, appearing in media outlets within the nation. As the quality of life in the country continues to seriously decline, communities are genuinely unsafe, crime levels increase and the southern border remains open while the federal government does nothing to address the problem, Republicans in Washington appear to be more concerned with ideological battles rather than pragmatic ones. The GOP continues to show that it is “tone deaf”; recently House Republicans passed a bill to defund planned parenthood while failing to address the border or the economic crises facing citizens.

As dysfunction continues to remain the norm in the federal government, U.S. trade policy continues to harm American industry while benefitting foreign industry. Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, recently claimed that unless American trade policy is altered, Chinese made electric vehicles will destroy American manufacturing in this regard. Musk recently called for increased trade restrictions to protect American electric vehicle production.