MTG Goes For Pelosi’s Daughter

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (D) of Georgia wants to look into statements made by Nancy Pelosi’s daughter concerning the unrest on January 6, 2021, that were leaked to the press.

Greene shared a video that purportedly shows Alexandra Pelosi interacting with the relatives of a defendant from January 6 who claims to be fup for criminal charges relating to the raid on the Capitol to prevent the certification of President Joe Biden’s 2020 election win. Pelosi, a well-known documentary filmmaker, may be seen and heard in the clip playing down some of the day’s events.

Republican Representative Greene, who has long advocated for those convicted of Capitol Hill storming, has requested an investigation by the House Committee on Oversight, led by conservatives who have been using their investigative powers to try to rein in the Biden administration.

By providing congressional investigators and the public with an unfiltered account of the events of January 6, Alexandra Pelosi played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative, from the initial events of the day to the responses of House and Senate leaders to the crisis and their efforts to prevent further violence. Those on the right who saw January 6 as a peaceful demonstration at best or, at worst, a government-run setup were given fuel for various conspiracy theories by the footage provided by Alexandra Pelosi.

There is substantial evidence that Alexandra Pelosi was filming a documentary about her mom, Nancy; however, some at the time focused on the high production value of the film she provided to Congress as proof that the entire day was a government setup intended to malign supporters of Trump.

Greene has insisted that the events on January 6 were meant to be a peaceful protest, and she has repeatedly expressed skepticism about Alexandra being at the Capitol to make a film about her mom.

Greene believes the riots were stoked by the influence of Anti_Trump factions, and Pelosi’s daughter was there to document “an insurrection” that they hoped would happen.