Most Israelis Donate & Volunteer Towards War Effort

About $2 billion in US dollars is donated annually to Israeli charities. Jewish groups and individuals in North America, especially the United States, contribute over half of the total. Jewish federations, regional organizations, private family foundations, and donor-advised funds provide most of this support.

Historically, religious, national, and cultural traditions have inspired Jewish donors in the United States to support Israeli causes and make financial contributions like buying Israeli bonds.

Donations from American Jews to Israeli causes have historically increased during times of crisis, such as natural catastrophes, military operations, and emergencies.

However, the generosity surges have diminished over the past two decades, and overall donations from American Jews to Israel have decreased.

After October 7th, there was a sudden increase in donations. Nonprofits received funding from federal, state, and local governments in the United States and private donors.

Fundraising activities in the U.S. following Oct. 7 raised nearly $100 million within seven days after the attacks.

There are a lot of willing Americans who are eager to lend a hand with logistics and operations.

To help their fellow Israelis who want to return to Israel to deliver aid, some Israelis living in the United States have helped organize funded charter flights.

Israeli society has been torn apart by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempts to reform the country’s judicial system, which have attracted international attention to the country and spurred heated debates within Israel.

American Jewish philanthropists were vocally opposed to the measures and provided financial backing to Israeli NGOs that were fighting them.

Fox Corp. and Goldman Sachs are just two of the many American companies that have made public commitments to provide humanitarian help or to match employee donations.

Giving to Israel in this way symbolizes the deep emotional ties that unite Jews of all stripes and sects. Recent studies have shown that almost two-thirds of American Jews feel a special bond to the Jewish state of Israel.

Changes in American tax law regarding gifts to foreign organizations, for example, can affect the amount of money Jewish Americans give to support Israeli causes.

Most American Jews are liberal politically, which is at odds with Israel’s conservative social and religious policies.