More Americans Believe Ukraine Should Cede Territory

A recent survey has shown rising support in the United States for the idea that Ukraine should give up land to Russia.

Twenty months after Russia’s full-scale invasion, Gallup polls show that enthusiasm for Ukraine’s war efforts is fading. Even though the conflict shows no signs of ending soon, the Biden administration’s decision to keep sending military assistance is testing the boundaries of American patience.

Sixty-six percent of Americans polled by Gallup in August 2022 agreed that the United States should help Ukraine recapture territory lost to Kremlin troops, even if doing so would draw out the war. 54% of Americans still hold this attitude, but that’s a drop of 12% from October statistics provided by Gallup, so the tide is turning.

According to the survey, 43% of Ukrainians now support the United States intervening to end the conflict as soon as possible, even if it means ceding some land to Russia.

Gallup surveyed 2,007 randomly selected individuals online from October 4 to 16.

Reports show that while several European nations contributed to Ukraine’s military effort, the United States has provided the most aid. Some congressional leaders have raised concerns about the large-scale engagement by calling for a reduction in funding for Kyiv.

After hundreds of thousands of deaths and a multitude of billions spent, US officials are discreetly urging Ukraine to initiate peace negotiations with Russia. Russia has more than three times the total population of Ukraine, and US officials are now realizing that Kyiv cannot defeat Putin’s forces.

Just hours after Ukraine’s top General termed it a “stalemate,” a British defense summary noted that the Ukraine War had been practically stagnant.

In his evening speech on Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called speculations about the 2024 presidential election completely irresponsible as a result of the Russian invasion. Zelensky lamented that his countrymen were considering an election in 2024 or anything other than expelling the Russian soldiers from Ukraine in his Monday speech.