Mitt Romney Is Horrified That Chinese Agents Are On U.S. Soil

It has been reported that China has an intelligence station in Salt Lake City, and Utah Senators Mike Lee and Mitt Romney want answers.

According to a report,  the Senators have sent a letter along with eight of their Republican colleagues in the Senate voicing severe concerns over Overseas Chinese Service Centers hosted by charitable organizations.

A report reveals that organizations in the United States that call themselves “Overseas Chinese Service Centers” (OCSCs) are fronts for the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) United Front Work Department (UFWD), which has been called a Chinese intelligence service by U.S. government panels. According to official Chinese documentation, OCSCs were first established with the alleged goal of aiding and promoting Chinese culture overseas.

U.S. OCSC officials met with Chinese Ministry of Public Security (MPS) authorities in 2018, according to Chinese government data, authoritative news reports, and social media postings. State security officials shared their plans for using cutting-edge technology to provide “cross-border remote justice services” to other countries at the conference.

An investigative media outlet researched government and media sources from China and found OCSC locations in Salt Lake City, Houston, San Francisco,  Charlotte, North Carolina, Omaha, St. Paul,  St. Louis, and other U.S. cities.

A Spanish human rights and research organization produced a study in 2022 claiming China had set up over a hundred “overseas policing stations” in various nations to monitor and perhaps persecute political dissidents.

China claims the stations exist to help Chinese residents with legitimate government business, including renewing driver’s licenses, and hence are not part of a secret spy program.

Two males were apprehended in New York City In April on suspicion of establishing a covert police station.

On Monday, federal officials from the United States detained two New Yorkers who they say ran a CCP clandestine police station in Manhattan’s Chinatown as part of a crackdown on Beijing’s suspected targeting of dissidents.