Missing Woman Rescued After Car Wrecks Into Canyon

Authorities announced that a lady who had gone missing for four days had been located alive, owing to the perceptiveness of two men who had seen her vehicle wrecked in a canyon in Idaho last month.

After losing touch with her loved ones on December 5th, 72-year-old Penny Kay Clark was reported missing.

According to a press release from the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office, two individuals reported seeing a vehicle that matched Clark’s description on December 9. They contacted the authorities to report the incident on Sunday, December 10.

The men reported the vehicle positioned halfway down a canyon wall near Melba, Idaho. The vehicle had been located around 600 feet down the canyon wall when authorities reached the site. According to the sheriff’s office, Clark was in a gully about forty feet below the vehicle.

Rescuing Clark came from various sources, including the sheriff’s department and Idaho Mountain Search & Rescue. The search and rescue team members arrived at her location and discovered that Clark was awake and aware.

According to the sheriff’s office, the 72-year-old was brought to a neighboring road by paramedics after they stabilized her. From the scene of her discovery to that staging area, the transport of Clark took about two hours, according to the sheriff’s office. Following an initial assessment, Clark was formally transferred to an ambulance and then flown to a nearby hospital by a Life Flight Network helicopter. She was treated for injuries that were not made public knowledge. At the hospital, she was surrounded by her family.

In a press release, Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue said that Clark had been in the canyon for a couple of days, according to the medics.

Last September, a driver was discovered alive inside his car after being stuck at the base of a ravine for over five days; this situation was quite similar. Throughout their disappearance, the driver remained confined inside the wreckage of the automobile, which had plummeted some 100 feet. Around twenty-two rescue workers rescued the driver.

Officials said that one urban search and rescue team, four fire departments, and six patrols were engaged in the rescue operation. The Stallion Springs Police Department and the California Highway Patrol aided rescue efforts.