Migrants Responsible For Mass Crime Surge

In 1990, Martin Scorsese directed the legendary film known as “Goodfellas”. The movie tells a theatrical tale directly based on the real lifestyle of Italian mafioso organized crime bosses in the greater New York City area. The movie was based on a book titled “Wiseguy” released by Nicholas Pileggi in 1985. Henry Hill, a character in the movie  was a real former mobster placed in the witness protection program. Hill had been interviewed by Pileggi, and in turn the book was created which proved to be a representation of the illicit lifestyle mobsters engaged in during the peak of mob activity in the New York City area in the United States in the 1970s-early 1990s.

While the mob remains active today (and many ethnicities engage in these activities), the former mayor of New York City Rudy Guiliani is often credited with being the individual most responsible for destroying the mob. For decades, federal, city and state officials in the region had attempted to crush the mob but had often faltered. It was not until Guiliani began successfully utilizing “RICO” or racketeering laws to nab mobsters in the 1980s and 1990s that the end of widespread mafioso domination occurred. Guiliani has been deemed by many as one of the greatest mayors of New York City in the history of the metropolis and is credited with cleaning up the city and implementing effective policies that made it a desirable and relatively safe place to visit and live. Unfortunately, New York in the present day is edging closer and closer to returning to its state of affairs prior to Guiliani.

In the city of Chicago, 6 more illegal migrants were charged in relation to thefts at Macys. Two came from Chile, and four from Venezuela. America’s cities are no longer safe, and as tens of thousands of people continue to pour into the country through the southern border the situation continues to worsen.