Migrant Details ‘Easy’ Journey To Get Into America

It seems that entry into Mexico is more difficult than entry into the United States.
Arizonan authorities have essentially welded the state’s borders open, making immigration there a reality for every hopeful immigrant from Mexico to China.

The media reports that to allow for the free flow of water during monsoon season and the antelope migration, authorities have welded a giant metal pin to the floodgates to keep them open, making it impossible to close them.

There aren’t only antelope passing through the gates, either. The overloaded border police cannot halt an average of 1,400 immigrants daily from countries as far away as China.

Each of the 114 gates, accessible for over two months, has a door measuring 12 feet in width. Human traffickers transport groups of migrants to the Mexican side of the border, where they simply cross on foot.

One Ecuadorian migrant assumed the agents would say something, yet they just walked through the gate.

A second Cuban immigrant said, “It was so simple to enter the United States.”

According to the Border Patrol, the National Park Service, and other federal agencies requested to keep the gates open, and when they attempted to close them, they received an order to keep them open due to the rain.

One agent said everything changed once President Biden came. He said it’s been four years since this particular section of the border wall was constructed. Now they’re simply allowing folks in.”

Democratic presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spent three days in Yuma “meeting with migrants, government leaders, law enforcement, and social care groups,” he is now raising the alarm about the problem in a new documentary called “Midnight at the Border.”

Kennedy has indicated that some of Trump’s initiatives should be revisited, although he is not a fan of the former president. He said word salads and double talk have been the tools of choice for Democrats to avoid answering the topic regarding the border. He said the approaching election cannot cause an avoidance of discussing the wall. It must be front and center, and all candidates, notably the president, who has avoided it throughout his presidency, must come prepared with concrete proposals to address it.