Mexico’s President Offers To Secure Border At Hefty Price

To help prevent the influx of illegal immigrants into the southern border of the United States, President Joe Biden has requested aid from Mexican President Lopez-Obrador.

Since Joe Biden began office, more than ten million people who are not authorized to be in the country have crossed into the US. Over 300,000 illegal immigrants broke the previous record by entering the United States from Mexico during the month of December.

According to a report, it is the Democrat Party and spineless Republicans who refuse to safeguard their nation who are responsible for this disastrous invasion.

During his term in office, President Trump was responsible for a record-breaking drop in the number of people entering the US illegally.

According to nationwide media outlets, Joe Biden is concerned about border security because it is hurting his polling.

During a press conference, López-Obrador made a request to the United States government to approve a plan that would provide twenty billion dollars to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, remove all sanctions against Venezuela, suspend the blockade of Cuba, and provide at least ten million Hispanics who are currently residing in the United States with the right to remain and work legally.

Media outlets report that this would have never occurred under President Trump’s administration.

Public Health Order Title 42 was used by both the Trump and Biden administrations in order to force migrants to return to Mexico before undergoing an asylum screening. This occurred during the Covid outbreak. For a period of three years, Mexico returned more than one million migrants annually throughout the period of that program, which Biden ended in May 2023. Mexico committed to take back 30,000 illegal migrants per month in accordance with the laws that are already in place; nonetheless, this represents just 10% of the total number of migrants who were returned last December.