McDonald’s Drive-Thru Worker Arrested After Shooting Customer

Just after 1 in the morning, gunfire erupted at the Lakeland, Florida, McDonald’s on East Memorial Boulevard, just east of Tampa.

After a dispute in the drive-thru, an angry McDonald’s employee in Florida allegedly shot a customer, leading to the employee’s arrest.

A 22-year-old Lakeland resident named Chassidy Gardner is currently being held in the Polk County prison after being detained for committing aggravated assault involving a lethal weapon.

The Lakeland Police Department said that an argument started when a client thought their order wasn’t correct. Disputes broke out between Gardner and the people using the drive-thru window.

Security footage shows a customer reaching out through the drive-thru window, knocking things over, and then throwing drinks on the floor.

In a fit of anger, Gardner threw a drink back at them as they were leaving.

Two customers got out of their car, opened the drive-thru window, and began throwing beverages at Gardner, grabbing supplies from a shelf and tossing them across the kitchen. Gardner then returns with a gun.

Two more kitchen staff members were there, but they did nothing to stop Gardner or even ask her to put the pistol down; they were unconcerned by her behavior.

Further surveillance footage showed Gardner exiting the eatery with her gun in her hand. Gardner allegedly shot the fleeing car, with one round hitting it, according to the police.

The next day, after posting a bail of $15,000, Gardner was freed.

The McDonald’s employee handbook posted on their website did not state that employees can be armed. This business supposedly abides by all local, state, and federal regulations dictating how restaurants must operate.

Orlando Rolon, a former police chief of the Orlando Police Department, said it is concerning to see an increase in the frequency of these types of stories. It’s unfortunate because once the bullet is fired, it doesn’t display any mercy. Anywhere the bullet goes, it will hit something, and it can hurt or kill.