Matt Gaetz Claims He’s Not Running For Governor

On Monday, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz denied a story that he had strongly hinted at a bid for governor. Donald Trump Jr., who claimed he would campaign for Gaetz if he ran for governor, is likely among the conservatives disappointed by Gaetz’s denial.

According to a report from NBC News, Gaetz allegedly hinted multiple times to attendees at a Tallahassee event over the weekend that he might run for governor in 2026. In 2026, if the Republican chooses to run, he would replace Ron DeSantis, who is limited to two terms in office.

Gaetz told the media that the 2024 presidential campaign of former President Donald Trump is presently his top political priority and that Florida already has an exceptional governor.

Gaetz called the governor campaign claim sensationalist clickbait.

He said the NBC report is sensationalized for the readers. The people he worked with in Florida’s legislature were encouraging him to come back to Florida. But he claimed he isn’t considering it.

He said his priorities were defeating the continuing resolution to support the Ukrainian government, special prosecutor Jack Smith, and stopping a militarized Biden government.

Trump Jr. questioned the Florida lawmaker if he had any ambitions for the presidency during a live interview broadcast on Rumble before last month’s Republican primary debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Gaetz said no to him several times.

Vote for Matt Gaetz to be governor! Trump Jr. remarked, and his fiancee Kimberly Guilfoyle agreed with him. Trump Jr. said he’d love to see the liberal media meltdown if that happened.

As a congressman, Gaetz has spent the last several days in Congress arguing with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, reportedly labeling him “McFailure” and threatening to try to oust the fellow Republican out of the speakership if concessions aren’t fulfilled.

As House Republicans debated the temporary measure, it was reported on Friday that the Pentagon would exclude Ukraine funds from a potential government shutdown.

After promising to eliminate Ukraine assistance funds the day before, McCarthy reversed course on Saturday and announced it would remain in the Defense Department’s spending bill.