Married In SECRET – Scandal ROCKS Nation!

Abby Hensel, who, along with her twin sister Brittany, starred in the reality show Abby and Brittany on TLC, has reportedly found love. Although the sisters are conjoined twins, Abby, whose last name is now Bowling, married U.S. Army veteran and nurse Josh Bowling according to public records reported on by The marriage took place in 2021.

Wedding photographs of the trio in full regalia were posted to the social media platform, and the family now resides in the twins’ home state of Minnesota. According to Bowling’s facebook page, the family enjoys spending time together snow-tubing, going on nature hikes, and frequenting ice cream parlours.

Following the finale of their reality show in 2012, the now 34 year-old twins enrolled in college where they studied education. Both subsequently earned their degrees and went into teaching upon graduation. They currently share responsibility for a fifth grade classroom.

The nature of the twins’ conjoinment is rare, with each having her own head and controlling half of their shared body—Abby controls the arm and leg on the right side, Brittany controls the arm and leg on the left side. The twins share a circulatory system and all of their organs below the waist.

When offered the option to have their children surgically separated while the girls were young, their parents declined, citing fears that one or both of their daughters might die as a result of the procedure.

The reality TV show was not the first time the girls enjoyed media exposure. They were subjects in “Joined for Life,” a documentary released in 2003. During the documentary, the women’s mother revealed that both of her daughters were interested in motherhood. In the same documentary, filmed when the girls were 16, the twins candidly admitted that they hadn’t yet figured out how they could make motherhood work.

Now, it seems, they’ve finally found the chance to make their dreams come true.