Mark Levin Invokes Communist Names Blasting Trump Indictment

It is no secret to individuals across the political spectrum that are in tune with contemporary politics and political messaging that the majority of televised news media outlets decidedly tilt to the left of center when reporting on American politics. It is also widely accepted that when it comes to AM/FM talk radio, political conservatives control a large swath of the platforms and enjoy a burgeoning listening base. One of these talk show hosts is none other than Mr. Mark Levin, a well-known lawyer and vocal conservative political figure. Following former President Donald Trump’s fourth criminal indictment which originated in Fulton County, Georgia, Levin blasted the charges. The fiery host claimed they were unconstitutional, and that the indictment was resemblant of something that would take place in a communist country.

Levin served as the chief of staff of the Justice department under President Ronald Reagan during the 1980s. He also hosts a show on fox new during the weekend titled “Life, Liberty and Levin”. Levin alleged that America’s enemies would only be emboldened by the activities of prosecutors and district attorneys across the country, and that Trumps decision to challenge electors utilizing civil means through a judicial process is not a criminal offense. He also stated that the prosecutors weaponization of grand juries for political means is a travesty. Levin argued that this is the antithesis of the purpose of a jury, as the constitutions fifth amendment explicitly states that a defendant has a right to an impartial and non-politicized trial by a jury of his “peers”.

Levin’s fellow legal scholar, Alan Dershowitz (an openly liberal individual and Democrat) agreed with Levin’s claims, stating that the ability to challenge election results in the United States is not a criminal offense. Dershowitz citied historical precedent for this, utilizing the controversial 2000 election, in which George W. Bush narrowly “defeated” Al Gore. The true results of this election are still debated today.