Mark Levin Gets Target To Change Mind After They Tried To Cancel Him

Target changed its mind about not carrying Mark Levin’s new book after he roasted them on air, according to Mediaite. The store reportedly said that it did not want to carry something “polarizing,” despite being the center of controversy when it displayed LGBTQ+ clothing for children that many called out as inappropriate.  

Levin began by outing the company on Twitter, calling its decision “pathetic.” While Target was still offering pre-order sales online, it initially refused to sell physical copies. Levin’s book, “The Democrat Party Hates America,” will be released in September. To go around buying from Target, Levin suggested fans buy the book through other means, especially directly from him on Amazon.

Levin then went on his radio show to say that the company can do as it pleases but told his listeners that they have gone full “woke.” Following the backlash, Target reversed its decision and reassured everyone that it will carry the physical books in its stores. Levin thanked his supporters for making that happen. 

Target is undergoing other pressure as seven Republican state attorneys general are warning that its LGBTQ+ clothing may violate child protection laws, according to The New York Post. In a letter sent to CEO Brian Cornell, the attorneys state that they are concerned about the “potentially harmful products to minors.” Gender identity was among the issues that the attorneys said were inappropriate for children. 

The letter referenced some clothing, such as t-shirts labeled “Girls Gays Theys” and “Pride Adult Drag Queen Katya.” Child drag shows have been a controversial subject as videos emerged showing inappropriate conduct, like children dancing in drag as adults put dollars in their underwear. 

The military has also been under fire for being “woke” by supporting drag shows.