Man Killed in Southwest Memphis After Deadly Shooting Incident

Police report that a gunshot that occurred in Southwest Memphis late on Saturday night resulted in the death of a man.

It was a quiet Sunday morning in Southwest Memphis, in the neighborhood that encompassed Jonetta Street and Charter Avenue. But questions were being asked behind closed doors about the neighborhood’s safety.

The night before, officers were dispatched to the 4700 block of Jonetta Street on Saturday evening, shortly before 11:30 p.m., in response to a report of a gunshot. When officers arrived, they discovered a male victim who seemed to have been shot.

His condition was considered to be serious when he was transported to Regional One, and he was ultimately pronounced dead.

A local expressed their regret, saying he was sorry that happened, but that “ain’t new.”

The guy was reportedly strolling when someone walked by and started firing shots, according to one of the witnesses.

There was also a bullet that made its way inside the home of a nearby resident.

Criminal activity is widespread, according to a second man who lives in close proximity to the scene of the murder.

He said if you’re not inside by nine or ten o’clock, you’re going to be dead. It’s not a “lovely neighborhood,” in his opinion.

The mother of the victim traveled to the location where her son had been shot and killed in order to witness the last place he was alive. She said that no one had provided her with any explanations.

Within two days, the town has been the target of two separate shootings that have resulted in fatalities.

Two males were shot and murdered on Thursday evening in the vicinity of Shelby Drive and Southaven Road, which is a half-mile away from the most recent homicide that has taken place.

No arrests have been made.

According to one of the residents, the majority of people are frequently too timid to stand up for themselves.