Man Documents Problematic Long Roadtrip With Cybertruck

Over the last several years, there has been a concerted movement by progressives in the United States to implement new “green” alternative energy policies across a broad spectrum in a non-organic manner. Traditionally, the private market has long decided when technology moved forward or when an advancement made can be implemented on a large and successful scale that the majority of people themselves transition to usage over the previous method or product. Indeed, while the automobile was invented in the late 19th century, it was not until the 1920s that Henry Ford made vehicle prices affordable for a working class family to invest in. In the present, a massive agenda has been launched by Democrats in many states (and in the federal government) to mandate electric vehicles by a certain date and ban the sale of gas powered cars, appliances, and tools. In California and New Jersey, current plans exist to ban the sale of non-electric cars by 2035. It is highly questionable whether or not this will hold up.

Electric vehicles are not worth the investment. In an economy in which rampant inflation continues to crush the average consumer, and the cost of living continues to rise as a result, most average Americans simply cannot afford the cost of buying an electric vehicle. Many of these vehicles are priced at around $70,000, or around the median household income. Median household income declined about $2,000 to $74,580 in the year 2022 from $76,330 in 2021. Wages remain stagnant, while costs continue to soar.

One YouTuber named Dennis Wang documented his experience driving a Tesla Cybertruck on a cross country trip. On a 27-hour trip, the YouTuber experienced difficulties charging the vehicle and technology/computer issues. Recently in the city of Chicago, the weather has been quite frigid. Tesla owners have been frustrated as their cars have had trouble starting and batteries have not held a charge.