Man Assaulted Woman Hours After Rescuing Her

A Florida man who saved a lady from a sexual assault has admitted to raping her after the crime was filmed on live video.

According to a report, Kerry Calvin Gasag was given a 10-year term shortly after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a 34-year-old female at a popular Florida vacation destination.

On September 10, 2021, the victim believed that Uber driver Gasag was saving her from another sexual assault. But Gasag demanded sex when they got into his car. She panicked and jumped out.

Gasag stalked the woman and raped her near Key West’s famed Southernmost Point buoy. But what he didn’t realize was that a webcam was broadcasting the assault in real-time.

The rape was seen live on video at the popular tourist destination, and when an emergency services operator in Boston, Massachusetts, saw it, they called the local police.

According to a report that cited the relevant documents, other people in Key West phoned 911 to report a naked woman who was sobbing and yelling.

A local media outlet collected video from the camera located in Key West and looked out over the marker for the Southernmost Point. It depicts a man putting a headlock on a woman while forcing her behind the well-known buoy.

After a few minutes, the lady can be seen emerging from behind the sign. As she flees, she trips and falls. After that, the suspect appears from behind the structure while zipping up his shorts.

According to local media reporting, Gasag was also suspected of coming back to the location of the incident to tamper with the evidence by retrieving the woman’s clothing.

Gasag was taken into custody, and after almost two years, he has now entered a guilty plea to all of the charges. Gasag received his sentence on Thursday, which included ten years in jail and five years of probation.

The earlier suspect was taken into custody, and a hearing has been scheduled for later in October.